Craig Fulk
Craig Fulk
Master Retul Fitter / Owner
  • Medicine of Cycling Compliant Fitter
  • International Bike Fitting Institute
    – Certification Level 4 Fitter
  • Cycling Analysis Master Class
  • Retul Master Certified Motion Analysis
  • Retul Triathlon / Time Trial Certified
  • Retul Cycling Specific Injury Management
  • Advanced Cycling Analysis
  • Contact Point Pressure Analysis
  • USA Cycling Level-II Coach
  • UNT – Biomechanics and Exercise Physiology
  • AAS
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3-D Motion Capture since 2009

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Master Certified

Simply put, we believe in giving the rider the ultimate fit experience. We focus on the rider without bias to what type of rider you are, the latest trends, the manufacturers or favorite bike shop. We could go on. Our only concern is you, the rider, and your fit coordinates. We have invested in the best fitting equipment and tools in the world along with continuing education. With great attention to detail, we spend the time necessary to collect, analyze and execute change.

Master Certified
We Have

Leading Edge Technology In A State of The Art Cycling Studio

We utilize the Retul 3D motion-capture cycling gait technology allows us to capture

By gathering data from key eight (8) anatomical points in the cyclist’s riding position, we are able to profile existing (before) and ideal (after) angles, which could be to gain more efficiency, performance and comfort.

The passive (static) data collection devices still used by many fitters today, such as a tape measure and plumb bob, are outdated and less accurate because they are subject to human error. Fitting with the Retul system however, provides sub-millimeter accurate dynamic data.

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Advanced Cycling Analysis



Data Driven



Master Certified

As our name implies, we specialize in dynamic bike fits utilizing state-of-the-art 3D motion capture technology, pressure mapping and advanced pedaling analysis. Our primary goal is to FIT the bike to you not you to the bike. Whether you are a serious recreational cyclist or a trained athlete, you will benefit from a dynamic bike fit. We believe that our bike fit does evolve over time. With changes in weight, flexibility, strength and fitness, we can significantly alter our positional needs on the bike.