Many local professional service providers refer their cyclist to us for a Retul 3-D Motion Capture Fit. Upon request, and with the permission of the rider, we will share what we notice on the bike back to the referring professional. We have, on several occasions, worked side by side with providers to get the best possible results in light of limiting medical issues. Sports Chiropractors Orthopedic Surgeons Triathlon Coaches Cycling Coaches Urologist Physical Therapist Massage Therapists Personal Trainers

Local Bike Shop Relationships

Dynamic Bike Fit works with several local bike shops providing Advanced Bike Fit services and pre-purchase consultation. We have formed strong relationships with local shops to provide the best possible fit and bike purchase experience.

Working With Clubs and Teams

We work with several regional clubs and teams. From serious recreational riders to elite athletes, Dynamic Bike Fit will work with your riders to get them positioned appropriately for their discipline or goals.