Hi Craig,

I want to thank you for my amazing “bike fit”.

In August of 2014 I purchased my first Tri Bike and began fully participating in Triathlons in March 2015. Since I’d never biked before (except as a kid) I was encouraged to be professionally fit on my new bike. Although I wasn’t initially sure what a bike fit would actually do for me I went and spent 3 hours being fit to my bike so I could finally be “one with my bike”.

I knew I had to make some changes 

After racing and training for just one year and suffering through several upper and lower body injuries that resulted in lots of body pain/soreness I knew I had to make some changes since the chiropractic adjustments, custom orthotics, massages and dry needling were only giving me temporary relief.

However, I wasn’t sure exactly what those changes would need to be. In December I was cycling indoors and casually mentioned some of the issues I was experiencing and someone suggested I start tackling them one at a time.

I was in so much pain I was willing to give anything a shot.

First, they recommended being “professionally refit” on my bike. I was in so much pain I was willing to give anything a shot. I knew my body ached, I had sores on the bottom of my pelvis, my hamstrings were so tight and ached with every push/pull of the pedal or extension of my legs while running. I was beginning to have second thoughts about participating in Triathlons because I was always in pain somewhere on my body.

My next question was “who” can help me get fitted to my bike or have my bike fitted to me? I was told the only guy to see was Craig Fulk. Luckily he lives in my area and that was my first call.

When I met Craig, I explained to him that I couldn’t get the sores on my sacral area to heal. No matter how much lubrication or gel products I used. Secondly, my hamstrings were so tight it hurt to pedal for any length of time – yes I rode but it was very uncomfortable. Also, my adductors were being stretched beyond their normal capacity that when I got off the bike to run, I would have to walk first. Basically, my body was in pain all the time

my goal was to stop hurting

After several hours of working with Craig, he had me on a different saddle and had lowered my body. Honestly, I wasn’t sure just these slight changes were going to make a huge difference. (I’m sure he did more than that but that’s what I understood). I continued to update Craig on how I was feeling because my goal was to stop hurting. As I continued to pedal, the first thing I realized was that my quads were working instead of my hamstrings – I couldn’t believe it – was that what was supposed to be happening?¬†¬† He then made a slight adjustment to my right shoe because my leg was turning in as a result of an ankle break and stress fracture in 2014. I began to feel like a new rider. I was actually riding pain free for the first time in almost a year. The last adjustment was a minor turn in of my aero bars. I didn’t feel my hamstrings at all. My quads were actually doing some work. Yippee!

I was actually riding pain free

I left Craig’s place with a smile on my face. It was a beautiful sunny Texas day (about 62 degrees) and I couldn’t wait to get on my bike. He told me to ride easy for the next 10 hours of riding time. Don’t push it. Just get my body used to riding on the new saddle and in the new position.

I’ve ridden for 4 hours and can’t believe my body is pain free. It’s simply amazing. Craig did say that my bike needed to fit me vs me fitting to my bike and he’s absolutely correct.

Thanks a million Craig.