Craig, just wanted to let you know the bike fit was dead on!

I rode 28+ this morning, moderate intensity, and no pain in the knees, hips, feet, shoulders, groin….nada. My left hand still gets tingly but that’s because I tense up the left shoulder still. When I relax it, it’s all good. The lower back was a little sore at the start, just because it’s still that way in the morning, but loosened up at about an hour and never was a problem. My power on the climbs was significantly better too. I didn’t push hard on any but did a high cadence on them all and just cruised right over.

I was seriously thinking that I’d bought the wrong bike.

If I’d have been smart I’d have brought it it to you before I went to Colorado.

Thanks again for getting me setup. A fitting with you is the best investment a rider can make in their equipment.