When I first joined Cycling Center of Dallas, the owner, Richard Wharton, suggested that I get a “Craigfit”. I told Richard that I had bike fits in the past, but he insisted that I see you and I am glad that I did. Richard tells all first time visitors, “Before you spend any money with me, see Craig and get a good fit. “ This has proven to be good advice for me.

At age 69, I have a few issues that younger riders may not face.

I had jogged for over 30 years before concluding that my knees had enough pounding on the pavement so I took up cycling. But even on the bike, it was a rare day that my knees did not hurt, but exercise to me is about enduring a certain amount of pain so I was determined to peddle through the pain.

When your knees are hurting, it is difficult to generate a lot of power, but I still enjoy riding a bike much, much more than jogging. And there has been a bonus side effect from the bike adjustment, my knees do not hurt as much and I have had many days where my knees do not hurt at all.

During the interview prior to the bike adjustments, I confessed that my stiff neck and knee pain was a big concern for me. Your reply was,

“if you get the feet and hips right, the knees would fall in line.”

You showed me on your computer monitor how much my knees were out of alignment prior to adjustment and the improvement after the adjustment.

The new saddle together with the adjustments to the pedals and shoes have really improved my cycling speed and endurance.

The bike adjustments seemed so radical at the time and I left your bike lab somewhat skeptical, but now that the changes have had some time to work, I have concluded that you are an expert at fitting people to their bike and I just wanted to say,

“Thank you and keep up the good work.”