Craig is extremely thorough. He asks the right questions to fully diagnose issues, challenges, goals and objectives. He also took the time to understand which muscles were tight and flexibility issues. This was challenging as one of my legs is tighter and shorter than the other.

Rode 400 brutal miles through the mountains after the fit. I was shocked, stunned and amazed that the injury that prompted the fit didn’t hurt at all during the trip. I don’t even know what to say about that! I was prepared for pain both mentally and with an abundance of medical supplies. Never needed it. Wow.

Craig is VERY thorough both on and off the bike.

I love that he is also a cycling coach. His tips are priceless. Climbing 9000 ft mountains is hard enough on a fully loaded mountain bike. Any time I felt sluggish or a little uncomfortable, I would hear Craig’s tips in my mind, sit back up, etc and would feel perfect again.

I’m 100 percent satisfied.