I’ve gone through the bike fitting process 2-3 times before, but it never seemed to make a huge difference over where I was previously. I was told, “No, this is totally different, it’s like getting fitted for an Armani suit.” I had also heard, “Coach Craig Fulk is THE GUY to get a bike fitting from.” It seemed almost too good to be true.

That said, I went through the process and I was not disappointed.

Coach Fulk’s use of the Retul system measured all the points on my bike and then of me pedaling on my bike. We spent several hours adjusting all kinds of stuff. I ride a lot using a power meter and when we were done, Coach Fulk asked me to estimate my wattage output. My estimate was 20 watts lower than what was shown on the power meter. In other words, he had found another 20 watts of power with no increase in perceived effort by me (This increase was confirmed during my regular FTP test the next week). Not only did I gain watts, I am now more comfortable on the bike. I used to assume that the pain between my shoulders was just something that happened on long rides. Not any more. I just rode 150 miles over a weekend and while the legs got tired, the typical pain and strain in my upper back was almost non-existent.

Was this process, “like getting fitted for an Armani suit?” I can emphatically say, “Yes!” Why? It’s not just the cool Retul technology that’s used. You can give anyone a paint brush, but that doesn’t make them an artist! Coach Fulk knows cycling and combines the art and science of bike fitting to make you stronger and more comfortable on the bike.

Just ask a few more of Dynamic Bike Fit’s clients about their experience, you will hear the same story over and over again.

Thanks Craig!