I’ve been meaning to email you about how it’s been going since the fit a couple weeks ago, but I just haven’t done that many rides.  I’ve been letting my hip heal up and it’s getting better.  I have seen Dr. Grimm a couple of times and he’s been great.  I have done a couple 9 mile rides since the fit and I have noticed some improvements.  At various times I do feel more connected to the bike, such as the pedal force is more direct in moving me forward.  I can tell that I’m slightly lower on the bike but I don’t feel like it’s limiting me, even though I haven’t tried any hard efforts.  Like I said I’m still trying to heal up so my rides have been focused on easy effort and good form.  I’ve tried to focus on keeping my feet flatter through the pedal stroke.  I have loaded both rides on to Strava and to my surprise I had a couple of 2nd and 3rd fastest times on segments.  They were wind-aided but I was still shocked honestly.  I was just going easy and was up against all of my Strava segments over the previous month or so where I was going all out.  So, I think that speaks to the bike fit that I’ve got better power transfer and I’m not as fatigued possibly after finishing a hill.