I need to post a testimonial here: Everyone knows my affection for Craig’s fits, but the hits just keep on coming.

I’ve dealt with the third, fourth, and fifth toes on my left foot going numb now for over fifteen years, usually after an hour or so on the bike. Craig has worked with me through four or five different pair of shoes, and while this helped, as well as stock inserts, we never quite remedied the problem.

Recently, he invested in a Retul custom footbed device. I went in, we measured everything in detail, and performed the footbed manufacture.

We also altered the saddle setup ever so slightly and made adjustments to the handlebar hood angles, stem stack and reach.

Why all this? Well, I’m not the body that I used to be, so when I change, the bike needs to change with me.

Today I went on a four hour ride through town with a friend.

No numb toes.

No numb fingers.

No numb saddle area.

The bike once again became my dance partner, and we averaged higher speeds, slightly lower power, and smiles all around.

If you haven’t had a CraigFit, you need to make an appointment. It’s truly a day on Savile Row, with a custom fit built around your needs and body.

Every ride is better with a CraigFit.