I had been meaning to contact you to let you know how well the bike fit and saddle change worked for me.  Unfortunately, since the bike fit, I have been too busy  to have time to ride.  During the past two months I had only two rides on the bike.  Despite this lack of preparation, I decided to try to do my annual century ride on Memorial Day.  I was able to complete it, and other than a few tender spots on the sit bones (and I say ‘tender’, not ‘agonizing’) just due to the complete lack of time on the bike, I had no issues.  Legs were good, back was good, no hotspots, no saddle sores.

Fantastic job.  I really expected it to be a miserable, challenging ride and it was instead a real pleasure.  By Tuesday, I really couldn’t tell I had done anything.  Thank you very much  for the time and the fit.”