GEBIOMIZED Pressure Mapping Technology


Our saddle pressure mapping system is comprised of a thin and flexible film upon which 64 sensors have been positioned. The maximum measurement frequency is 200Hz; information can thus be gathered with high precision. The data are wirelessly transmitted, which makes both indoor and outdoor measurements possible. The film is applied on the saddle and the cyclist may position himself on it without changing his riding style. In this manner the pressure distribution on the saddle can be measured static as well as dynamic, i.e. while cycling. Using a color scale, the pressure distribution in the different saddle areas is displayed graphically.


  • Measurement of the pressure distribution in different seating and handle bar positions
  • Comparison of different saddle types
  • Displaying of the results though a colour code or a 3-D pressure chart
  • Features to analyze asymmetries and phases of loading

We obtain valuable data related to how your body is interacting with your saddle.

  • Mean pressure across the saddle
  • Front and rear saddle pressure (pubic bone v’s sit bone)
  • Max pressure values and their location on the saddle
  • Left and right side pressure comparison
  • Center of movement and pelvic tracking pattern
  • Gross angle of pelvic hemisphere alignment