Hi Craig, Wow wow wow. Cannot believe the difference you have made to my ride experience. You are nothing short of a genius. Sorry to take so long to tell you this. I just love the aero bars, love that I can take them off if needed. The saddle is a dream and the functionality of it to change for aero is awesome. Rode a 50 miler last weekend and could not be more pleased. Thank you for your expertise and I will tell everyone I know about you. You are awesome.


Most noticeable difference (big improvement) on my new fit is that my quads(upper leg) are not going into my gut area (in or out of the drops).  I assume that is due to the raised saddle not allowing my legs…


My pedal stroke has improved tremendously. Being aware of getting my right heel down and the adjustments made to the cleat have given me more power and a more comfortable ride.


My calves seem to be more engaged…It is much easier to spin…Wattage:PE ratio was way up. With my pedal stroke seemingly smoothed out I think it allowed me to eek out a few more watts at the same exertion level. …


Very thorough. Love my new foot beds! Great tweak to my right foot position.


Perfect feeling of comfort with my front end and reach. More control. Better power transfer. Logged my highest average power 90 min tempo ride ever!


I need to post a testimonial here: Everyone knows my affection for Craig’s fits, but the hits just keep on coming. I’ve dealt with the third, fourth, and fifth toes on my left foot going numb now for over fifteen years, usually after an hour or so on the bike. Craig has worked with me through four or five different pair of shoes, and while this helped, as well as stock inserts, we never quite remedied the problem. Recently, he invested in a Retul custom footbed device. I went in, we measured everything in detail, and performed the footbed manufacture. We also altered the saddle setup ever so slightly and made adjustments to the handlebar hood angles, stem stack and reach. Why all this? Well, I’m not the body that I used to be, so when I change, the bike needs to change with me. Today I went on a…


 always thought some discomfort was natural and just a part of riding…Saddle mapping was spot on. First time I’ve had a professional fit rather than a bike store fit. The process is very casual and conversational while still being very professional. Craig is meticulous and unwilling to settle on anything short of the correct solution to a problem.


Thanks man. Bike is great. Got the new stem but haven’t put it on yet. I did a 20 minute test and my threshold power increased by 30 watts. Some of it was probably fitness related, but I can tell…


The Retul Footbeds helped me realize what was lacking in my stock insoles. My knees track better . My pedal efficiency and power have both improved. I can’t imagine cycling without them now.


I was able to get in my first 50 mile gravel grinder in without the sitbone pain that I normally have. I didn’t have to tug at my shorts as well. I really liked it. Less sit bone pain, wrists felt good. With all the changes I didn’t feel odd on the bike which was one of my concerns. All in all, pretty happy with the results. Craig really took the time to listen to what my issues were and we tested every position to a fault and I think I found a good set up heading into the fall grinder season.


I wanted to tell you how much I appreciate your bike fit service. I was looking for a new bike and before I make that huge investment I knew fit was the #1 priority over bike brand. You were great…


I’ve gone through the bike fitting process 2-3 times before, but it never seemed to make a huge difference over where I was previously. I was told, “No, this is totally different, it’s like getting fitted for an Armani suit.”…


Craig, Thank you for a great bike fit!  I road 315mi, 2 ITT’s, 1 TTT and LOTS of climbing in Death Valley with no back pain and performed better than I ever have


It is never just a “general” fit like you get at the LBS. The attention to detail is unmatched. I was able to ride 62 miles without getting off the bike.  Never done that before. I like the location and attention to detail.


The shoe now feels custom made for my foot! The Retul Futbeds are fantastic. You can really feel the pedal engagement better.

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I wanted to thank you for the great bike fit! You took your time and spent several hours with me to make sure every detail about the fit was perfect, and I appreciate that. I’ve been riding much more comfortably…


The insoles + Lake shoes are freaking phenomenal!


After four weeks of torture on my new bike, Craig Fulk of Dynamic Bike Fit analyzed, adjusted, analyzed and tweaked my setup to technical perfection. Today was the test. After 50 fast miles in 20mph winds, I stepped off my…


Riding has become more enjoyable now that I’m not in pain or discomfort. Very friendly and easy to work with. Changing the crank length made the biggest noticeable difference


…absolutely no issues what so ever with the feet on up to the neck. Hills were much easier and it felt like I had alot more strength.


Excelente customer service, educational process. Feels more like talking to a friend from whom you are learning a lot and receiving valuable information. No more lower back or shoulders discomfort and I gained speed. Also after changing some components suggested by Craig I feel less tired after my long bike rides and my legs aren’t as tired for my runs after bike ride. As a matter of fact I completed an Ironman and had one of my best runs ever. Of course the bike portion went pretty well. I noticed the benefit of the fit right away and it translated in higher speed and less fatigue. Thanks Craig. You went far and beyond before and during my bike fit process. Thanks for your honesty and for teaching me so patiently about bike mechanics and components. After the bike fit I can ride easier and faster !


I had been meaning to contact you to let you know how well the bike fit and saddle change worked for me.  Unfortunately, since the bike fit, I have been too busy  to have time to ride.  During the past two months I had only two rides on the bike.  Despite this lack of preparation, I decided to try to do my annual century ride on Memorial Day.  I was able to complete it, and other than a few tender spots on the sit bones (and I say ‘tender’, not ‘agonizing’) just due to the complete lack of time on the bike, I had no issues.  Legs were good, back was good, no hotspots, no saddle sores. Fantastic job.  I really expected it to be a miserable, challenging ride and it was instead a real pleasure.  By Tuesday, I really couldn’t tell I had done anything.  Thank you very much…


Got a good number of miles on both bikes this weekend.  Feels pretty dang good.  I appreciate your help and patience.