3-D Motion Capture Since 2009

We have been doing advanced 3-D Motion Capture Bike Fitting longer than anyone in North Texas.

What makes working with Dynamic Bike Fit Different


Independent of bicycle brands and shops. Our decisions are based on rider needs and not product based. We focus on the rider without bias to what type of rider you are, the latest trends, the manufacturers or favorite bike shop.

Leading Edge Technology In A State of The Art Cycling Studio

Only with us – We implement dual Retul 3-D Motion Capture Systems, gebioMized Saddle Pressure and Foot Pressure Analysis and advanced foot pressure force analysis in one location. We can analyze both the left and right side of the rider at the same time.

Objective and Data Driven

Decisions are based on the individual rider. No cookie cutter approach here.

RETUL Active 3-D Motion Capture Technology

Active 3-D motion capture allows us to catch positional data in 3 Dimensions. The active LEDs are superior to passive dot markers.

Fit Education

It’s one thing to have the technology – we have the knowledge, experience and expertise to implement it appropriately.

Saddle Pressure Analysis

We implement gebioMized, the latest technology of pressure mapping at the saddle that enables the exact analysis and optimization of the point of contact saddle.

Comprehensive Approach

We look at the whole body, not in part. Our analysis includes rider history, off bike assessments, on bike motion capture and pressure analysis.

Foot Pressure Mapping

Flexible pressure sensor mats in the cycling shoe deliver previously immeasurable information concerning the exact load during the pedalling cycle.

Science Based

We have our roots based in science and not in myth and hearsay.

Advanced Pedal Stroke Analysis

Using a thin and flexible measurement film in the shoe, We can analyze the performance indicators for the left foot and right foot separately dynamically while pedaling.

We look at   BOTH   sides of the rider…not just one.

Some just look at the right side of the rider. We review both sides on and off the bike for bilateral differences.


Our processes, our views and our implementation are independent of bike brands or products.

For The Recreational Cyclist

Casual - Ultra Distance - Rally Rider - Gravel Grinder - Charity Events - Gran Fondo

For The Competitive Cyclist

Road Racing - Triathlon - Mtn - Track - Cyclocross - Ultra Distance
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Leading Edge Technology In A State of The Art Cycling Studio

We Offer

Advanced Cycling Analysis



Bike Fit and Saddle Pressure Analysis For An Existing Bike

RETÜL 3-D Motion Capture Bike Fit with Saddle Pressure
The most popular.
If you have an existing bike, this fit process is inclusive motion capture and saddle pressure analysis.
Advanced Cycling Analysis
RETÜL 3-D Motion Capture
Saddle and Foot Pressure Analysis
Force Pressure Analysis

Advanced Cycling Analysis is an iterative process beginning with a stable bike fit, proceeding to increased pedaling efficiency and power through advanced pedal stroke analysis, targeted training and …
Pedal Stroke Force Analysis
This is the perfect instrument for analyzing and optimizing the pedaling technique and POWER analysis.

New Bike Selection
Fit / Consultation

RETÜL 3-D Motion Capture Bike Fit with Saddle Pressure and Consultation
For those looking to buy a bike, this service is for you. This will provide a position and bike recommendations without a bike.
Bike Selection Consultation Only
If riding position is already known (no fit required), a consultation is available to help select a properly fitting new bike, including frame size and part sizes/styles.

Pressure Analysis
Saddle & Foot

Saddle Pressure Analysis
One of the most important contact points between you and the bike is the saddle. We analyze your individual saddle pressure while actively riding your bike.
Foot Pressure Analysis
Whether you are looking too solve a foot problem or just eek out a little more power, foot pressure analysis can help.
Cycling Shorts Pressure Analysis
If you have been riding for anytime, you probably have several pairs of shorts that have accumulated over the years. Would you like help to discern the “good” from the “bad”.

Other Services

Fit Follow Up
For Existing Clients Only
currexSole – Insole Fitting
The secret weapon in your shoe!
Additional Shoes
Pedaling assessment of 2nd pair of shoes during a fit session
Transfer Fit
A transfer fit is designed to take a known good fit position on one bike and translate that to another bike
Pedal Stroke Force Analysis
This is the perfect instrument for analyzing and optimizing the pedaling technique and POWER analysis.